FasTrack English
FasTrack English


Reasons to choose small earth

  • Cool learning space to enhance the learning interest in exploring English

    In 2019, FasTrack English classroom will be upgraded comprehensively, with more vivid visual effects, more interesting interactive devices and more diversified MBA discipline elements. It will not only be a classroom for children, but also a happy learning space for children to immerse themselves in

    FasTrack English
    MBA Smart Classroom
  • Free club twice a week, monthly theme birthday party, winter and summer camp,Family day, dare to show speech contest and other activities

    A large number of classroom interaction, unique small stage podium design, rich in class and outside activities, in order to encourage children to take the initiative to learn, develop children self-confidence, eloquence, self-expression, so that children can speak English confidently

    FasTrack English
    English little talent club
  • Family education, psychological development, parent-child communication

    Is to ignore the importance of family education, adhere to the education should be full of FasTrack English, we focus on the healthy development of the child's physical, psychological, and regularly to our education experience to share with the parents, to help parents and children closer parent-child relationship, let parents understand children, improve the effect of family education

    FasTrack English
    Smart parents class
  • Create an American language learning environment to cultivate children's thinking in their native language

    Strict assessment of foreign teachers' qualifications, for the children to create a good infiltration of the language environment: all foreign teachers are native English speakers from the country, obtained a bachelor's degree or above, with international certification of TEFL or TESOL certificate, more than two years of experience in English teaching children, through the small earth internal assessment

    FasTrack English
    Native American teacher
  • FasTrack English
  • Learning diagnosis, intelligent stage assessment, effect communication, class management

    Every child and family will have their own special growth tutor from the time they enter the FasTrack English, accompanying the children to learn and grow in the whole process: helping the children understand their own learning progress, tracking the children's learning status, timely communicating with parents and teachers, optimizing the education plan...

    FasTrack English
    Loving growth tutor
  • Online foreign teacher 1V3 picture book reading course, offline pre-review APP, FTE radio, point reading pen and supporting books

    The learning platform adopts textbooks and content from the United States, unified standard American pronunciation, and after more than 20 years of teaching verification, to help consolidate learning achievements in an all-round way, enrich knowledge outside the classroom and improve learning effect

    FasTrack English
    Four dimensional learning platform
  • Strengthen the teaching effect of children, and cultivate children to be little general education talents with 5C ability

    Professional secondary education can better take care of children's learning needs, and enhance the learning effect by more suitable education mode for Chinese children. Our professional middle school teachers are teaching directors and senior teachers with professional teaching ability, bachelor degree or above, English major level 8 or above, and more than three years of teaching experience

    FasTrack English
    Professional certification in teaching
  • Get campus activities anytime and anywhere, complete view, appointment, AI online evaluation, etc

    I Makii learning APP/ applet to intelligently track children's classroom performance and evaluate their learning achievements; At the same time, the flexible social interaction function provides parents with more convenient booking services for courses and activities, and rich professional information for children's education

    FasTrack English
    I Makii intimate housekeeper
FasTrack English


Know your goals and take small steps

  • 3 years old
  • 4 years old
  • 5 years old
  • 6 years old
FasTrack English

Basic course
American children's exploration course

Period: 3 years

Curriculum: 12Levels

Level: 3 months

Unit: 1.5 hours

FasTrack English
  • 7 years old
  • 8 years old
  • 9 years old
FasTrack English

Intermediate courses
Advanced English course for young learners

Period: 3 years

Curriculum: 6Levels

Level: 6 months

Unit: 1.5 hours

  • 10 years old
  • 11 years old
  • 12 years old
FasTrack English

Advanced course
Advanced English for young learners

Period: 2 years

Curriculum: 6Levels

Level: 4 months

Unit: 3 hours

FasTrack English

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